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Stay on web application

Courses and pdf lecture application.
Stemming from the importance of distance education, and in line with the times and development, the Stay On application was launched to support students from various colleges and in various disciplines

The Stay On application is an application of electronic courses in an academic and high-level manner, for professors and lecturers known in their field

Another feature provided by the Stay On application is to provide a special section for electronic lectures, whether for professors publishing on the platform or for teams hosted on the platform.

dynamically video links, pdf with password encrypted  protected.
You can take peek on it by downloading the application for this link

Stay on

اسم العميل
: Aplus
: تصميم و تطوير تطبيقات الموبايل (أندرويد - آيفون)
تاريخ البداية
: 1st Aug, 2021
تاريخ النهاية
: 30th Sep, 2021
: Completed